Beyond Technology

Engineering & Construction


Governmental projects:


  • Ministry of Justice (fair, audio, video, CCTV,IT) Rd. M. Nabila
  • Chamber of Tourism.(full automation system) Eng.Con.M Eldakak
  • Al Galaa Theatre .( full automation system) Con. Dr.Ahmed Elgarabawy
  • Good News Cinemas (8 once including ads display).
  • Al Mashfa hospital. (A/V, Security, Fair, Sat, Tele, Data, CCTV, architecture light and cinema 125 sets) Dr. M Habila.
  • Al-Mashfa Hospital (A/V, security, fair, Sat, Tele, Data, CCTV, architecture lighting and Cinema 125 sets) Dr. M.Habila



  • Four Seasons Cairo, Nile Plaza (royal & executive suites).
  • Grand Hyatt (royal suites).
  • Helnan Shepherd (CCTV) Eng. Sayed shalaby
  • Helnan Palestine (CCTV) Eng. Sayed shalaby

Public Areas:

  • Behman hospital.
  • Wadi Degla Club (Maadi).
  • Palm Hills (Club House).
  • Beverly Hills (Club House).
  • Metro Market Hurghada (CCTV and sound system) Eng. Hesham Marzok
  • 41 Branch Metro (CCTV, Sound system ) Dr. M Elmoshneb
  • Macro H. Market(CCTV, Sound system) Eng. Khaled Oweda
  • British school (Theatre, CCTV,
  • Ragab Sons 10 branches(Engineering director) Eng. Omar Abdelmonaem

Elsafa mall (Electromechanically works) Eng.Mostafa Na

Retail Shops:


  • Aqua Top Showroom (Telecomm./CCTV)
  • Apple Trade.(AV.CCTV)
  • Filopateer Palace (Four Seasons Cairo, First residence).
  • English House.

Roche Bobbies.


  • Q- Club (Electromechanically works)
  • Cuba Cabana. (Electromechanically works)
  • Balacona Restaurant (Light current)
  • Cilantro Café (Some of them).
  • Sugar Spell. (Electromechanically works)

After 8   (Sharm el-Sheikh

Special Projects:


  • Saudi embassy New Building.
  • Saudi Ambassador Villa.
  • Trojan Yacht.
  • Al Mansour Yacht.
  • APL Main building (A/V)
  • More than 500 Villa different applications.