Beyond Technology

Beyond Technology

Workforce optimization is a strategy used in business with focus on maximum customer satisfaction and benefits with minimal operational costs and supported by integrated technologies, cross-functional processes and shared objectives.

  • Implementation of a scheduling solution: For optimizing the workforce, assignment of specific tasks to specific individuals should be enabled withWe are leaders in design, installation, and support of easy to use and reliable Smart solutions and automated systems for home, business, education, health care, and government purposes.can make you experience the luxury of pampering yourself at your home as well as help your organization enhance communication, improve productivity, and increase efficiency.system integration proficiency that offers electromechanically fully customized solutions by bringing together HVAC, Firefighting, Plumping, BMS, Audio, Video, Lighting, Telecoms, IT structure, Auto gate and Security systems.create smart fully automated environment. With over a decade of technical experience, we ensure that our staff understand what clients want and are able to produce the premium quality performance and support that our clients expect. We listen to our customers and create custom-made systems tailored to the specific needs for the specific project.

Analysis report

Provides the statistics of the different quality scores and the scoreboard can provide information on various aspects of operational efficiency.

Beyond Technology
Engineering & Construction

Governmental projects:

  • Ministry of Justice (fair, audio, video, CCTV,IT) Rd. M. Nabila
  • Chamber of Tourism.(full automation system) Eng.Con.M Eldakak
  • Al Galaa Theatre .( full automation system) Con. Dr.Ahmed Elgarabawy
  • Good News Cinemas (8 once including ads display).
  • Al Mashfa hospital. (A/V, Security, Fair, Sat, Tele, Data, CCTV, architecture light and cinema 125 sets) Dr. M Habila.
  • Al-Mashfa Hospital (A/V, security, fair, Sat, Tele, Data, CCTV, architecture lighting and Cinema 125 sets) Dr. M.Habila


  • Four Seasons Cairo, Nile Plaza (royal & executive suites).
  • Grand Hyatt (royal suites).
  • Helnan Shepherd (CCTV) Eng. Sayed shalaby
  • Helnan Palestine (CCTV) Eng. Sayed shalaby

Public Areas:

  • Behman hospital.
  • Wadi Degla Club (Maadi).
  • Palm Hills (Club House).
  • Beverly Hills (Club House).
  • Metro Market Hurghada (CCTV and sound system) Eng. Hesham Marzok
  • 41 Branch Metro (CCTV, Sound system ) Dr. M Elmoshneb
  • Macro H. Market(CCTV, Sound system) Eng. Khaled Oweda
  • British school (Theatre, CCTV,
  • Ragab Sons 10 branches(Engineering director) Eng. Omar Abdelmonaem
  • Elsafa mall (Electromechanically works) Eng.Mostafa Nada

Retail Shops:

  • Aqua Top Showroom (Telecomm./CCTV)
  • Apple Trade.(AV.CCTV)
  • Filopateer Palace (Four Seasons Cairo, First residence).
  • English House.
  • Roche Bobbies.


  • Q- Club (Electromechanically works)
  • Cuba Cabana. (Electromechanically works)
  • Balacona Restaurant (Light current)
  • Cilantro CafĂ© (Some of them).
  • Sugar Spell. (Electromechanically works)
  • After 8 (Sharm el-Sheikh).

Special Projects:

  • Saudi embassy New Building.
  • Saudi Ambassador Villa.
  • Trojan Yacht.
  • Al Mansour Yacht.
  • APL Main building (A/V)
  • More than 500 Villa different applications.